Picture of The Day

Poulnabrone portal tomb at the Burren in County Clare is one of the world’s best known and most visited dolmens. Ireland is fortunate in having almost 200 dolmens and of course Brownshill in county Carlow is the largest. But when the setting is taken into account, and the wildflowers of the Burren, the isolation from a built environment, the quite, and the sheer magic are considered, Poulnabrone must come out on top. It is estimated as being 4,500 years old which places it at the end of the Neolithic and the beginning of Ireland’s Bronze Age. We must not forget however, that when the dolmen was erected here 4,500 years ago the landscape probably looked very different. There is evidence that they people who bult the many tombs on the burren actually farmed the area and the Burren would habe had a covering of soil with scrub, trees and grass growing there. It was this very farming which caused the stripping away of the soil and leaves us today with the dramatis limestone landscape for which the area is famous.


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