2006 Bones by Kathy Reichs

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Starred Review. At the start of bestseller Reichs’s outstanding 12th thriller to feature Dr. Temperance Brennan (after Devil Bones), Brennan finds herself bound and injured in an underground tomb. In flashbacks, Reichs fills in the how and why of the forensic anthropologist’s deadly predicament. When Brennan and Andrew Ryan of the Sûreté du Québec arrive in Chicago on business, she’s accused of botching the autopsy of Rose Jurmain, a Canadian heiress. Knowing only that an anonymous caller instigated the investigation, Brennan is determined to uncover who’s out to sabotage her. Back in her Montreal lab, Brennan soon realizes that not only is Jurmain’s death possibly linked to the brutal murders of other elderly women but that whoever is out to tarnish her reputation refuses to back off. With her usual blend of cutting-edge forensic science and a stubborn, compelling heroine, Reichs manages to juggle several story lines without losing an ounce of momentum. (Aug.)

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I have been a fan of Kathy Reichs since I received an advanced readers copy of her first novel Deja Dead published in 1997. I have enjoyed every single one of her books. And this one is no exception.
I also enjoy the TV series Bones which is based on Reich’s books.
The story starts out a bit differently than most. Dr.Temperance Brennan wakes up to find herself in pain, bound hands and feet in what seems to be a crypt of some sort. So while she is trying to free herself, she is going back in her mind to the cases she was in the midst of trying to solve.Temperance works as an forensic anthropologist, formerly for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in North Carolina and currently for the Laboratoire de sciences judiciaires et de m – decine l – gale for the province of Quebec.
She is asked to come to Chicago with the remains of a missing heiress and has been requested by the woman’s father, who is very powerful to find out what happened to his daughter. She is teamed up with former lover Andrew Ryan. She is accused of mishandling the autopsy by an unknown caller.She soon realizes that not only is the womans  death possibly linked to the brutal murders of other elderly women, the remains of another elderly woman has been found in Montreal as is the third woman.So as they try to figure out what happened the relationship between Temperance and Andrew heats up again. In the meantime someone who does not like her and her cat, which she thinks is a neighbor, proceeds to break her windows in her apartment as well as leave her little bags of poo…
There is also another crime sceen that they are working on and that is of a family that disappeared into a lake while flying over 50 years ago. So along with the remains of the woman and the bones found in a lake, someone is trying to sabotage her as pieces of bones start disappearing and other bones put into their place. Someone is out to get her and as all the pieces start to come together she finally realizes who is trying to get rid of her. What happens in her lab would have devasting effects if this were to happen in real life if a colleague sabotaged lab results or if bones, teeth etc. turned up missing.
The story is told in flashbacks from present to past as Temperance trys to figure out where she is and who put her where she is and why, as she tries to escape..
If you read any Patricia Cornwell you would like any Kathy Reichs novels. To get the whole story you may want to start with the first novel Deja Dead , which will be re released for the 10 year anniversary of Reich’s first novel….

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