A-Z Wednesday’s

My book for A-Z Wednesdays is:
Irish Tweed by Andrew M. Greeley
Synopsis from Barnes and Noble
Countless readers have been delighted by Father Andrew M. Greeley’s bestselling tales of Nuala Anne McGrail, a fey, Irish-speaking woman blessed with the gift of second sight, and her husband and accomplice, Dermot Michael Coyne.
In Irish Tweed, Nuala Anne and her daughter have taken up karate to fight off schoolyard bullies who are harassing the family, while their incredibly shy nanny, Julie, is courted by a new fellow. Dermot pores over a memoir of a famine refugee whose family died of a mysterious fever, looking for clues into the illness’ real cause.
Father Greeley’s many fans look forward to each installment, and Irish Tweed is another captivating tale in a series by one of America’s best loved storytellers.
I love this series about Nuala and her husband and family, she is a tough lady but also very sweet and loving and her husband Dermott pretty much does what she wants. They are always finding some sort of mystery to solve, usually instigated by Nuala. See, Nuala has the ‘gift’ of seeing things in visions,dreams etc. For a fun read this series by Father Greeley is fun, educational and mysterious. Oh yes they have kids and dogs too to add to the mix along with friends and neighbors.
To get the full impact of the story, you need to start with the very first novel..Irish Gold

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