Haunted Castles and Houses of Ireland, England ,Scotland and Wales

Seaforth House in Co. Sligo

Seaforth lies in the shadow of Knocknarea Hill, on the shores of Sligo Bay. It’s said that Owen Phibbs, an archaeologist, filled the house with artefacts from the Far East, Syria, and Egypt. Almost as soon as the ancient treasures were installed, unpleasant and malicious activities began to happen. A strange evil figure would be seen on the stairway at night and terrible loud crashes were heard throughout the house. Crockery and ornaments would be found smashed. On one occasion, the whole house shook. Servants would not stay and a gardener was terrified by a tall dark shadowy figure who disappeared into the sea, followed by maniacal laughter. Jesuit priests were unable to rid the place of its ghosts and it was eventually abandoned in the 1940’s. It now stands an empty shell.


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