Haunted Castles and Houses of Ireland, England ,Scotland and Wales

Since most of the castles I have blogged about were Ireland Castles I decided on a change. This blog is about Englands Castles of which there have been  numerous hauntings reported in just about all of them.
Windsor Castle, located in London England,built over 900 years ago, still inhabited today, the largest castle in the world, and haunted! Ghosts, there are actually several that have been spotted in this castle, some of them famous. King Henry VIII has been spotted by many of the castles guests and tenants. Some have even heard his footsteps, as well as sounds of moaning. Another famous ghost that has been spotted is Queen Elizabeth I. She has been seen standing at one of the windows, as well as in the library. She has also been seen walking from one room to another, and it is said that she is always wearing black. Another famous ghost that has been spotted is King Charles I, he has been seen in Canon’s House and the library. In spite of the fact that he was beheaded during the English Revolution, his ghost is seen as a whole. The ghost of King George III also haunts Windsor Castle, his ghost can be seen in one of the bedroom that he died in. But these are only some of the many ghosts that haunt this castle, even today. Anne Boleyn has also been seen in the window of the Deans Hall.

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