This is me bragging…

Every once in awhile I am going to post a brag post and you will most likely see lots of pictures of my “boys” they are so precious to me and I miss them.
Jen is my oldest daughter and she is married to Clarence who just shipped off to Afghanistan this week. They celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary late this month.In the ten years that they have been married they have been stationed twice at Camp Pendleton and I was able to visit a few times there. In between those two times in California they lived in LaCrosse Wisconsin as Clarence was a Marine Recruiter for 3 years. That was the best part as we live in Rhinelander Wisconsin I got to see the boys a lot. This last move put them in Jacksonville N.C. They do not live on base but in a cute little house. My husband and I hope to visit there in May…hopefully.
Right now Jen is a stay at home mom because she has her hands full with those to sweet little boys. Cobi is very studious and loves to read and has a gentle soul. Dylan is just the opposite, he is all boy and can prove it..he loves anything to do with Star Wars.
He can name all the characters in all the Star Wars movies and I think he will be a little Storm Clone Trooper or something to that effect.. What do I know, I am just the grandma..did I mention he is 4??

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