So I have about 100 books listed with for purchase and the name of my account is The Reading Nook. I have not had a sale in a few months and decided to go through them to see if I had any historical fiction. Well I came across a few and decided to have another contest. These may be books that you may or may not have read but I liked them all. I will list them as three separate contests.

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Contest will each run from 11/1/09 to 11/25/09. Winner will be picked 11/26/09 Update: contest open to US only.

Good Luck. Here they are:

                                                                 Mina by Maria Kiraly

Product Description excerpt from

First time in trade-the Dracula legend continues in a novel “destined to become a literary classic.”*
In Bram Stoker’s immortal novel, Mina Harker became a living, breathing object of obsession- only to fall prey to her stalker’s seductive powers. There was only one way to save her soul-by destroying the life of Count Dracula, the creature who controlled and consumed her. But was the spell really broken? Could Mina return to the ordinary turns of a day, and to the restraints of a Victorian marriage, after the pleasures of such exquisite darkness?

 The Fool’s Tale by Nicole Galland

 From Publishers Weekly excerpt from

Screenwriter Galland debuts impressively with a steamy historical romance about a medieval Welsh queen’s love affair with the king’s best friend—his profane, hyperactive royal fool. The year is 1198, and King Maelgwyn (mercifully nicknamed Noble) of Maelienydd has wed the young Englishwoman Isabel Mortimer in hopes of neutralizing her uncle Roger, a powerful baron with designs on Noble’s small kingdom. But almost from their wedding night, the political marriage of Isabel and Noble is a disaster: she is headstrong and tomboyish, “far from his ideal”; he is temperamental, tyrannical and unwilling to give up “nonconjugal fornication.” Even worse for Isabel is his unfathomable relationship with the fool Gwirion, whose outrageous pranks and lewd public performances humiliate her. But when Noble goes off to fight Roger Mortimer, a siege on the castle by an opportunistic Welsh prince forces Isabel and Gwirion to confront each other, and to finally acknowledge their traitorous passion. Galland creates memorable characters—particularly Gwirion—who sound authentically regal yet earthy. She strikingly captures the murky Welsh setting and even murkier politics. The novel is occasionally short on plot, but readers will relish the energetic emotional back-and-forth of the protagonists’ ceaseless trysting.

 Rivals for the Crown by Kathleen Givens
 Product Description from Barnes and Noble

1290: Turmoil erupts when the seven-year-old queen of Scotland perishes en route to claim the crown. Two bitter foes — John Balliol and Robert Bruce — emerge as possible successors, but England’s Edward I has his own designs on Scotland.

In London, Edward has expelled all Jews from his kingdom. Rachel de Anjou is heartbroken to leave behind her best friend, Isabel de Burke, and travel with her family to the Scottish border town of Berwick. Danger is everywhere, but the tall, dark Highlander Kieran MacDonald presents a risk of a different sort.
Isabel, appointed as lady-in-waiting to Edward’s queen, Eleanor, is soon immersed in a world of privilege and peril where she attracts the notice of two men — Henry de Boyer, an English knight, and Rory MacGannon, a Highland warrior and outlaw. Isabel and Rachel are soon reunited in Berwick, but as the enmity between Scotland and England reaches its violent peak, each woman must decide where her loyalty — and her destiny — lies.


17 thoughts on “Giveaways!!!!!

  1. Rivals for the Crown sounds fantastic! :)I'm now a follower (both google friend connect and twitter) and I'm getting ready to tweet the giveaway @afewmorepagessrfbluemama at gmail dot com

  2. Ooh! All three of these books look fantastic!!+1 already a follower+1 in my sidebar under the Contest List tweeted it did all of the abovezedster.tbb(at)gmail(DOT)com

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