On My Quest for Ireland

As I was cleaning up another laptop I have and just looking around to see what I had on it I came across some pictures that I took when we went to Dublin Castle.

This picture is in Dublin Castle and it is the Ladies Waiting Room. Back in the day when there would be court held here and their were all these balls and feasts, this is the room the ladies would go to to wait for there men to come and get them. They would also wait here for a gentleman to come and ask the ladies to dance. They would not let us all the way in this room of course and I don’t blame them.

 This room is called the State Drawing Room

“Built in the 1830s as the principal reception room of the Lord Lieutenant and his household, today this room is reserved in use for the reception of foreign dignitaries. Largely destroyed by fire in 1941, the room was reconstructed with minor modifications in 1964–1968 by the OPW, making use of salvaged and replicated furnishings and fittings.” from wiki
Another room that was just gorgeous was the Saint Patricks Hall

Saint Patrick’s Hall

“This is the grandest room of the State Apartments, and contains one of the most important decorative interiors in Ireland. Formerly the ballroom of the Lord Lieutenant’s administration, today the room is used for presidential inaugurations. It is one of the oldest rooms in the castle, dating from the 1740s, though its decoration largely dates from c. 1790, including the most significant painted ceiling in Ireland executed by Vincenzo Valdre (c. 1742–1814). Composed of three panels, the ceiling depicts the coronation of King George III, Saint Patrick introducing Christianity to Ireland, and King Henry II receiving the submission of the Irish Chieftains.”  from wiki

If you ever get to Dublin, Dublin Castle, along with so many other things of historical value, is a must to see…



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