The Twelve Days of Christmas~ Irish Style

This, the second day of the Twelve Days of Christmas Irish Style…

December 25th – Christmas Day

If you are in search of peace and quiet, this is your day – Ireland is virtually dead to the world on Christmas Day. The day is spent with close family, barricaded into the home, eating Brussels sprouts and watching the annual re-run of “The Sound of Music” on RTÉ. Only around 11 AM do the streets become crowded, with even the unbelievers heading for mass. Maybe the most boring day of the Irish year for visitors. Head for natural attractions, everything else is closed.

We must definitely have an Irish Christmas Day because since we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, our Christmas Day is very quiet. When the kids were little that was the day to put everything together, or not if pieces were missing in whatever we were putting together, and we would have a quiet dinner and watch TV or movies, no The Sound of Music though. Can’t count that high on how many times we watched that movie…..


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