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I have been reading a lot of blogs and it appears to me that a lot of you lovely ladies really like to participate in challenges. I had signed up for the Lisa Jackson Challenge over at J.Kaye’s Book Blogger. I figured I could do that easy enough. So then I was thinking why not another one, I love historical fiction, so what could be better than the Historical Reading Challenge 2010 over at The Royal Reviews. I think that if I actually have to read a book for a timeline, the odds of actually  finishing the challenge will be better. I know I have been disciplining myself more now that I am doing reviews. It is actually something I am committed to do. So yea, if you are interested, go on over to and sign up!! If I can do it anyone can!

So there is a series that I really want to read and I have the first book and Mooched the second one and will most likely need to find and purchase the last one as there is another one coming soon.
The series is: The Burren Series A Mystery of Medieval Ireland
1). My Lady Judge  
2). A Secret and Unlawful Killing (or Michaelmas Tribute)3). The Sting of Justice

4). Writ in Stone
Besides that the covers are pretty!!!
 Product Description of My Lady Judge

Five hundred years ago, the western seaboard of Ireland was home to an independent kingdom that lived peacefully by the ancient Celtic laws of their forebears. On the first eve of a festive celebration, all the people of the land headed up Mullaghmore Mountain to light a bonfire. But one man—assistant to Mara, the King’s appointed judge and lawgiver—did not return. For two days he lay in the mountains being picked clean by ravens. And yet no one spoke of him or told what they had seen. Who killed him? Why? When Mara comes seeking answers to these questions, she discovers that more than just her own life may be in danger.
More on this series can be read here at

One thought on “Reading Challenges

  1. Ahhhh…challenges! I was just telling J.T. over at Bibliofreak that I printed out all the challenges I'm interested in last night so I can make an informed decision…LOL! Actually, I think it seems pretty OCD (my methods, I mean)! But I think challenges are really going to help me get more reading done since I am somewhat of a procrastinator…even when it comes to reading. I am already signed up for a Historical challenge called The Year of the Historical. I forgot who is hosting it, but the button is on my left sidebar. I'm also hosting a challenge of my own, The Michener Challenge. I'm going to try to sign up for ones that have crossover potential which is going to require a lot of research on my part. I do have 1500+ books in my personal library after all! Okay, sorry for rambling on here! I'm looking forward to seeing what challenges you end up joining.BTW, I received The Fool's Tale. Thanks again! It will be one that I will read for the historical challenge =o)

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