It’s Me Bragging!!!!

I haven’t bragged in a long time so here it is.This picture is of my oldest daughter Jen and her boys, Cobi,7 with the glasses and the little “imp” Dylan 4 and Jen’s hubby Clarence. Their daddy is serving in Afghanistan and this little family really misses him. Jen and Clarence in October had a 10 year wedding anniversary and they live in Jacksonville, N.C
This picture is of the boys of course and my daughter Kara on the right and her girlfriend Emily on the left. They spent some time in N.C. at Thanksgiving. They live in Dania Beach Florida. They just moved into a nice apartment a short walk to the ocean… the girls will be coming home on Christmas weekend. I miss them too..
This picture was taken when Jen and Clarence and the boys went to visit in Dania Beach before Clarence was deployed. My son Erik is on the right along with Kara and Emily and the boys…oh yes next to Erik is his dog Leah. little cutie that she is.
This picture is of my youngest daughter Katie and her man Daryl. They live in Oshkosh, WI. The child that is the closest. Hope they come home for Christmas…..

I just love this picture!!!

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