Beautiful Books

A few months ago I purchased a book that was not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well.

This book is called There be Dragons by Heather Graham. It is an Illustrated Romantic Masterpiece. It also has a Christmas CD which is not bad at all
This lovely book would make an excellent Christmas gift for a fan, whether you are a Heather Graham fan or not.

“When the beautiful Marina tragically loses her parents, she is left alone and in the hands of the one responsible – the devious sorceress, Geovana. Greedy for power, Geovana arranges for the girl to marry her evil son, even though Marina is in love with someone else. As Christmas day approaches, the girl is faced with the terrible choice to either save her land and her people or follow her heart and believe in the magic of Christmas and true love. This enchanting holiday tale also includes an audio CD of original Christmas songs by the author as well as several classic carols.”


3 thoughts on “Beautiful Books

  1. This book sounds wonderful and so perfect for the holidays! I love the cover as well.God Bless your son-in-law. I thank him for his services:)

  2. It does look beautiful. I've tried two of Heather Graham's books and just couldn't get into her writing style. I feel like I am really missing out since she's published so many books.

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