Thank you to my Secret Santa!! Package arrived and presents wrapped so pretty too!!
So of course I did cheat and I opened up the presents, could not help myself. It is like chocolate, if it is sitting there too long it will get eaten. Same goes for presents, I act like a little girl.
So what did I get you ask??
Well, I will tell you:

I received The Pleasure Palace by Kate Emerson

From Booklist Synopsis from Amazon

“Eight-year-old Jane Popyncourt travels with her mother from France to the English court of Henry VII. She is raised with the royal children, teaching them French. When her mother dies unexpectedly, Jane is left with no money, but becomes a favorite of Princess Mary, whom she serves. Learning since childhood the treacherous ways of court life and the temperamental nature of the Tudors, she strives to please those around her until a French prisoner captures her attention. The Duc de Longueville, a handsome married man, stirs Jane. She starts an affair with him to the dismay of her friends and the delight of the new king, Henry VIII. He uses Jane as a spy, a mission that causes friction, but a role that also may help her solve the mystery of her mother’s death. Emerson creates a riveting historical novel of the perils of the Tudor Court, vividly fictionalizing historical characters and breathing new life into their personalities and predicaments.”

And I also received The Wild Irish by Robin Maxwell
Now how did my Secret Santa know that this book is about my two favorite ladies in history?? Queen Elizabeth I and Grace O’Malley, the famous Irish lady pirate…

From Publishers Weekly from
“Two powerful women of indomitable will-Elizabeth I and the sea-loving Irish pirate, Grace O’Malley-collide in this vivid but ungainly historical drama. Maxwell (The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn, etc.) introduces the fabulous queen at 60, her face white with alum and eggshell paint and her red wig ablaze. Twice the age of her confidant, the brilliant Robert Devereaux, earl of Essex, she is brittle and bitter, loath to show any weakness or mercy. Determined to stamp out the ongoing unrest in Ireland, she calls on the notorious O’Malley for counsel. O’Malley’s son and brother are in the custody of the English, and it is for their sake that she agrees to appear before Elizabeth. In an extraordinary private conference late at night in the queen’s rooms, the Irishwoman tells her own story, which is the history of an island nation at war with England and itself as well as of a woman who has lived a long and turbulent life. Moved by her tale, Elizabeth grants her wishes, but soon finds herself sending Essex to destroy the rebellion raging in Ireland. Ravaged by syphilis and outnumbered two to one, Essex is persuaded by O’Malley that there is no shame in asking for a truce, and he makes peace with the Irish. Though he rushes back to Elizabeth hoping for her blessing, he falls from favor and desperately engineers a hopeless uprising”.
Also received a really pretty bookmark to use in my two new books. Looks like a couple of good stories!! Thank you again Secret Santa!! Happy Holidays to you!!!



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