On My Quest for Ireland

On my quest for ireland on this fine Christmas day takes me to Irish Fiction. The book I have selected is called Death Comes too Soon:
A Bridget O’Hern Mystery by Patricia Harrington

I don’t think that this is an Irish book per se , but the main character definitely has an Irish name and that works for me!! I will have to see if I can swap this one because it sounds good!! 

Product Description from Amazon.com

“Bridget O’Hern, a nonprofit consultant, goes to the Oregon coast to work a little and play a lot. At least, that’s her intention. Her friend Bev Tilton, Oregon Coast Art League board member and B&B owner, wants Bridget to find out if the art league’s executive director is embezzling funds. Bridget has doubts about accepting the assignment, but the lure of free lodging provided by her friend during tourist season is too appealing. Bridget is “seeking her bliss” since recovering from the tragic end of her twenty-three-year marriage, but in this instance, the road to bliss is littered…with a body. Once again, as in Death Stalks the Khmer, Bridget finds herself helping the investigating police. In particular, she works with the interim police chief, Sam Alpern, who has his own dark history that he’s overcoming, which gives the two something in common besides the case.”


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