Back To The Real World!!

The weekend is just about over and holidays are done, it is now time to get back to reality and get things accomplished. Our holiday’s in the Kelly household were good but short. Some of the family came home and some didn’t because of distance. I have lots of books that I need to read and review, thanks to J.Kaye’s Book Blog, who passed on my name to various people to have the chance to read and review their books. I am now getting emails from publishers and authors and I am loving it. I feel like I am not only doing what I enjoy, reading, being on my computer, doing research on Irish stuff , but meeting new people, if you will, on the book blogs. I have come across some really interesting blogs and of course books that I may not have found otherwise.
So thanks to everyone out there in bloggersville who is following me and who have helped me out in          
various ways. You gals/guys are really great people.
Hope everyones New Years Wishes and resolutions come true!
My new motto for 2010!!
Beagán agus a rá go maith.
Say little but say it well.

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