What Are You Reading Monday’s??

What are you reading Monday’s is hosted by J.Kaye’s Book Blog
If you decide to participate in It’s Monday! What are you reading?, be sure to post a link to this post on your blog and at J.Kaye’s Book Blog That way others can find their way here and join in the fun.

Books I have finished and reviewed this past week

Truly, Madly by Heather Webber~reviewed for Goodreads
read my review here

What I am reading now
Once an Arafat Man by Tass Saada to be reviewed for Tyndale
Stolen Crown by Susan Higginbotham
to be reviewed for Sourcebooks
Books I received this past week or so
Ghosts of The Trianon by C.A.Moberley and Elinor F. Jourdain

Rich Again by Anna Maxted to be reviewed for LibraryThing

A Girl Made of Cool by Alan Fox to be reviewed for author
auf Wiedersehen by Christa Holder Ocker to be reviewed for Stray Dog Media
A Cutthroat Business by Bente Gallagher to be reviewed for PublishingWorks Inc.
Crossing The Bridge by Michael Baron to be reviewed for author

The Whispering Room by Amanda Stevens from PaperbackSwap just for fun


4 thoughts on “What Are You Reading Monday’s??

  1. What a great list! I know you can;t judge a book by its cover, but man some of those are great. I especially love the one for Rich Again

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