On My Quest For Ireland

On my quest for Ireland today I came across two books that look very interesting…Nell and Irish Lady by Jeanette Baker..

From Publishers Weekly from Amazon

“Two distinct story lines, separated by centuries of Irish history, tenuously link the lives of two young women. In 1527, Eleanor (Nell) Fitzgerald suffers the loss of her family, slaughtered in Henry Tudor’s purge of perceived threats to his reign. Twentieth-century aristocrat Jillian Fitzgerald is a childhood companion to Frankie McGuire, son of her father’s collier in County Down, Northern Ireland, a friendship that culminates some 20 years later as each helps Ireland seek inner accord. Despite the strong individual story lines, the novel is weakened by its disjointed structure; it is only in the concluding notes that the author explains the connection between the stories?that the first historical event directly caused the background turmoil of the modern setting. Baker is a forceful writer of character and conflict, and readers interested in Irish history and politics will appreciate her attempt.”

Irish Lady
Description from Jeanette Baker’s website
“Born in the Belfast slums, Meghann McCarthy left that life far behind.
She’s a woman who has made all her childhood dreams come true,

becoming a rich brilliant barrister, living in London’s classiest district. Yet Meghann never can quite banish Ireland from her heart, or forget Michael Devlin, the boy from the slums she once loved with a passion that nearly tore her apart. Because she has never forgotten, Meghann agrees to defend Michael
– a notorious Irish nationalist – when he becomes involved in a vicious court case. Even as she jeopardizes her hard-won success, she at long last finds the true power and spirit of the Irish Heritage and the courage to face her love for Michael Devlin.”


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