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Who knows? You may find your next “favorite” book.

Letter for today is: B (The) Burning Glass by Lillian Stewart Carl.
This author has to be one of my favorites. Her books have just the right elements, i.e history, romance, ghosts and other things that go bump in the night, and suspense.

The Jean Fairbairn/Alasdair Cameron series, a new cross-genre (mystery, romance, paranormal) series featuring Michael and Rebecca Campbell-Reid from Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust in cameo roles.

A burning glass is a small lens used to focus the light of the sun and start a fire…
In The Burning Glass, Alasdair and Jean are making a deliberate effort to put together a relationship. Leaving Edinburgh to the crowds attending the annual Festival, they move into the caretaker’s cottage of an old and spooky castle near Rosslyn Chapel. Rosslyn has been made so famous by The Da Vinci Code that only tour groups are admitted. It’s a medieval church where the Holy Grail or the treasure of the Knights Templar is rumored to be hidden.
Ferniebank Castle includes a small chapel that’s very similar and obviously related to Rosslyn, but is off the beaten path. Or so they think.
Even before Jean meets Alasdair at Ferniebank, she hears that trouble is brewing there and in the nearby village of Stanelaw: a local councillor has disappeared, a precious artifact has been stolen, and the castle’s former caretaker has died under circumstances that make Alasdair’s police-whiskers twitch. It’s a bad time for this sort of thing to be happening, since the owner of a popular New Age travel company has just bought the chapel and its healing well, intending to build a spa there, something that will revive the village economy.
As though Jean and Alasdair’s plans aren’t thrown enough of a curve when the New Age guru turns out to be his ex-wife, other crimes and then another death occur right on their doorstep. And everything seems to track back to the former Mrs. Cameron. Even though Alasdair is no longer a formal member of other police force, he and Jean must roll up their sleeves and wade in to yet another mystery.
“…a dangerous and intriguing investigation. Authentic dialect…detailed descriptions of the castle and environs, and vivid characters recreate an area rich in history and legend. The tightly woven plot is certain to delight history fans with its dramatic collision of past and present.”

— Publisher’s Weekly, July 9, 2007About Lillian

About the author:
Her novels have been compared to the classic works of Daphne du Maurier, Mary Renault, Mary Stewart (no relation), Barbara Michaels/ Elizabeth Peters, and Tolkien’s colleague, Charles Williams–except Lillian’s novels take place squarely in the twenty-first century…
…where the past lingers on into the present, especially in the British Isles, Lillian’s home away from home.


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