New Release by Erin Hart

The third book in Erin Hart’s Haunted Ground series has just been released!! And I can not wait to get my hands on a copy of this wonderful series. When I read Haunted Ground I was hooked and hoped that there would be a sequel…The chilling, much-anticipated third novel in a series that brilliantly combines forensics, archaeology, and history with Irish myth and mystery.

About the book False Mermaid: from Erin Hart’s Website

Erin Hart’s HAUNTED GROUND was one of the most praised mystery debuts in recent years, and its follow-up, LAKE OF SORROWS, also received outstanding acclaim. Now Hart combines her page-turning storytelling skills and deep knowledge of Ireland and Irish myth with a Minnesota setting close to her heart.

Nora Gavin remains haunted by a cold case that nearly cost her sanity five years ago: her sister Tríona’s brutal murder. After failing to bring the killer to justice, Nora fled to Ireland, throwing herself into her work and taking the first tentative steps in a new relationship with Irish archaeologist Cormac Maguire. She’s driven home by unwelcome news: Tríona’s husband—and the prime suspect in her murder—is about to remarry. Nora is determined to succeed this time, even if it means confronting unsettling secrets. As she digs ever closer to the truth, the killer zeroes in on Tríona’s young daughter, Elizabeth.
Back in Ireland, Cormac Maguire heads north to visit his ailing father, and hears the tale of a local woman who vanished a hundred years ago. Was she a seal-maiden who returned to the sea, or was some more sinister force at work in her disappearance?
Caught up in parallel mysteries, Cormac and Nora wrestle with identity, suspicion, truth and falsehood, and of course the biggest riddle of all—will they have a chance at a life together, or will tragedies of the past continue to keep them apart?

About The Author: from authors website
Before straying serendipitously into crime fiction, Erin trained to become a theater director, and has been variously employed as a stage manager, propmaster, editor and copywriter, writing teacher, journalist and theater critic. Born in Crawfordsville, Indiana, and raised in Rochester, Minnesota, Erin was educated at Saint Olaf College and the University of Minnesota.

After college she also promoted the work of traditional musician friends and helped co-found a local Irish Music & Dance Association. Erin met her husband, Irish accordion player Paddy O’Brien, just after returning from a trip to Ireland—when he asked her onstage to sing.
Erin came to writing quite late, and by way of her first love, theater. Starting graduate school in the mid-1980s, the available choices were business administration or creative writing—she chose writing almost by default, and embarked on a second career as a freelance arts journalist and theater critic. Throughout the 1990s, her work appeared in print in the Saint Paul Pioneer Press, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Minnesota Monthly, and Skyway News, and for several years she was the regular theater critic for Minnesota Public Radio. She also began to write memoir, essays, and short fiction. When her short story, “Waterborne,” won the Glimmer Train Short Story Award for New Writers in 1996, she began to receive inquiries from literary agents.
While visiting friends in Ireland one summer, Erin heard an intriguing tale about a beautiful red-haired girl whose perfectly preserved severed head was discovered in a desolate Irish bog. That true story was the inspiration for her debut novel, HAUNTED GROUND, the first in a planned series of crime novels set mostly in Ireland, revolving around archaeology, forensics, history, traditional music and folklore. HAUNTED GROUND has been translated into ten foreign languages, as was the second novel in the series, LAKE OF SORROWS, published in October 2004. The long-awaited third novel in the series, FALSE MERMAID, will be published in 2010.
“People often ask why I chose Ireland as a setting, and I have to say that I think Ireland chose me,” she says. “It’s a place I’ve been drawn to more than any other ever since I was a child. There’s something about Ireland’s complex and contradictory nature, all those layers of history one on top of the other—that lends a particular resonance to the kinds of stories I feel compelled to tell.”
Erin lives in Minnesota with her husband, Irish button accordion player Paddy O’Brien. They make frequent visits to Ireland, going to music sessions, and carrying out essential research in bogs and cow pastures and castles and pubs


One thought on “New Release by Erin Hart

  1. I loved Haunted Ground when I read it several years ago. I have Lake of Sorrows, but haven't read it yet. I was wondering when she would have another book coming out. I really enjoyed the first book. Loved the Ireland setting and the archaeological aspect of it. Thanks for the heads up!

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