Thank The Military

In light of the fact that my Marine son-in-law, Clarence, will be home this week from Afghanistan, I would like to personally thank Clarence and all the soldiers, male and female, who have served and are still serving this country of ours. Then I would like to thank the families of the soldiers that continue at home without their loved one.

It takes a toll on a family and unless you have a loved one serving you cannot know how it can affect a family. I do not know personnaly but I do know from my daughter and grandchildren, especially when my daughter is not having a great day coping and she calls me crying. We talk it through and then she is able to carry on.Those are the times that I wish that I could be there to take my daughter in my arms and comfort her but that is not possible because we are far apart. I think it is especially hard on the children as they try to understand why Daddy is not there at night to tuck them in or to read them a story. As a result of not understanding they act out then go to sleep crying then to discover they have to cope again the next day..Please watch the following video and pass it on and the next time you see a soldier, thank them….


5 thoughts on “Thank The Military

  1. I liked the video especially the with the little girl in pink, he was going to shake her hand but she wasn't having that and hugged instead….

  2. It is awesome to have a family member returning safely home from the Middle East; not as many families are as lucky, and certainly not as many wives/husbands and children are as lucky. It's hard times during deployment, but someday, Cobi and Dylan will understand and respect their father that much more when they're older. Thank God he's coming home to Jen and the boys!

  3. You are so right Kara, unfortunately it keeps getting postponed and the base is in lockdown right now due to unrest… I hope it will be soon….

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