Update on Miss Princess aka Misty and other news

As most of you know almost 2 months ago we had to send our little GiGi to kitty heaven and then we adopted a new kitty. The new kitty Misty, but I now call her Miss Princess has adapted to the Kelly household very well. She started sleeping with me from the first night. She doesn’t usually stay there all night but sees that I am where I belong and she does like to wake me up early in the morning. Well since I have been off of work, I stay up later and get up later. What the heck, I raised my kids, had a job that I had to get up at 3:30 am to be there by 4:30 am. Ugh, I hated it. So switched departments and got to go to work by 7:30am, but I digress. I have turned out to be a rather lazy person in that respect, I get up when I get up. So to have a cat come in your room and get all vocal is not fun. So then she wakes me up then I get up and then she finds a place to go take her morning nap, again grrr.

So as I said before she has adapted well. She does not like people food, is too fat to jump up, or too lazy sometimes, into the windows. The weather has been crappy here in the northwoods of Wisconsin so can’t really have the windows open yet. I was able to have them open earlier in the week though and little Miss Princess will meow and we finally figured out what she wanted. Yup she wanted up in the window. So we pick her up. We have found that she likes to play like most cats do but only late at night. She has no reaction to catnip. Now what cat doesn’t like catnip?? Maybe is she is a dog…hmmm. She does not like to be picked up at all, unless it is to get into the window. She is very fastidious in her grooming. You pet her she has to lick that spot. She thinks I am dirty so she has to lick me, I think it is the lotion I put on. She can be a stinker, she bit my toe this morning and I gave her what for…lol.

Seriously, I love her she has been a great companion to me the last few months. She likes to be wherever I am and she goes to other people too which is good. She is a keeper. Oh yes after she is done in the window she lays by the tv and stretches out, boy is she long!!!!

In other news, my son-in-law Clarence has finally landed in Cherry Point North Carolina after 12 delays. Why so many you ask?? Well approximately 3 weeks ago his unit was done with their tour and just had to wait for their flight home to N.C. That took about a week or so, then they got to Manas Air Force Base in Kyrgyzstan. They had to wait to get out of there due to the unrest in that area. That took another week. So they finally fly out of there headed to Germany and then, yup the volcano, so the next step was in Romania. They were stuck there for a few days. As of yesterday we didn’t know how he was going to get out of Romania. They were finally able to reroute a plane to Portugal. So this morning my daughter calls me and says that she received a call at midnight her time and that there was another delay but that she could pick him up at the base at 10 this morning. Well she called me back and said that it was now 8pm tonight her time. She got another call and they said pick up time was 10pm tonight. Yikes!!!! Well she called me a bit ago and while on the phone with me they called her again and the plane has finally landed at Cherry Point N.C. So now they have to do whatever it is that they have to do and then get transport to Camp LeJuene. Pick up time at 10pm hopefully for sure now. At least he is on the ground not too far away from her and the boys. Wow, it has been very stressfull for her and the boys with the times changing all the time. She told me that the oldest boy, Cobi came into her room this morning and asked her where the welcome home daddy tshirts that they were going to wear were. So she had to tell him not till tonight. I just wish I could have been there for her, so I worried on my end here in WI. So hopefully tonight they will be a family again…Love you and miss you.
 Other news, I am having surgery again this coming Tuesday for a revision/replacement knee. This makes the 7th surgery on that knee since 1972. If they keep operating I will have no leg left..I can just see a knee replacement on a stumpy little leg..lol. I just hope thaqt while fixing this one that they do not fracture my shin like last time. Hoping this one works because I have had balance issues and pain and a lot of it coming from the knee. I still have not been released from the spinal fusion I had last April…When it rains it pours they say. I often wondered who they were. So I will be absent for a few days this week, then it will be recovery time where I sit on my behind most of the days.
Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend and a great week ahead…

3 thoughts on “Update on Miss Princess aka Misty and other news

  1. WOW. Glad that the Princess is fitting in so well. She has made it her home from the sounds of it. Times like this I miss having a cat to own me.So glad to hear he has touched down. Delays always happen but he did seem to have a few more than normal. When DH got delayed he actually ended up staying a few more months because his replacement couldn't make it. Here's to hoping this surgery will do the trick. So sorry that it has been such a bump room for you and your pains. Get some rest while recouping….

  2. Miss Princess is sure living up to her name! She looks quite comfy and settled in! I'm glad to hear your son-in-law is home and hopefully is reunited with the family by now.I hope the knee revision/replacement goes well this time and I wish you a speedy recovery.

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