Cat Thursday

I decided to join Cat Thursday hosted by The True Book Addict. Why? Well, because I have a cute cat and it is Thursday. Why not?

We recently adopted a cat from the local shelter after we put our little Gigi in Heaven and I could not be without a cat, as I have had one since I was 19. So after looking at all the cats there, and they had a lot, we decided on Misty. I really do not call her Misty, we have started to call her Little Princess because that is what she is. She is very picky and only likes to be loved up on her terms. She has literally taken over the household. We love her very much, even hubby, who always says “cats are dumb”. I watch him when he thinks I am not looking and it is so cute watching this tough guy talking to her. She lets me know when she wants cuddling by coming on the couch with me and if I have my laptop on my lap she will plop right on top of the keyboard. So that tells me it is time to give her some lovin’. She is a big girl and likes to go in the open windows of course as you will see in the picture, if the window is closed, no matter, she finds a way.

So I have this TV in the kitchen and we can only watch it when she says it’s ok!!! I do love her!!!

4 thoughts on “Cat Thursday

  1. Congrats on your newest family member! Isn't it funny how quickly cats take over our entire house? My DH is another one who insists cats are dumb, yet he spoils her rotten and pets her more than I do!

  2. Aww! I definitely am a cat lover myself and have had a cat since I was around 8 or 9. We also had to put a cat down (her name was Angel), and we adopted our current cat the same day. We just couldn't stand a day without a feline friend. 🙂

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