Vacation Time

Good evening to all out there in blogville!! I will not be on my blog as often in the next two weeks as we are starting our vacation. We, being hubby and I. Loading up our 2010 Equinox and hitting highway 51 and away we go. Our destination is Jacksonville North Carolina. In between we are doing the required sightseeing. We hope to be in Bowling Green on Sunday so on Monday we can visit the Corvette Museum. Hopefully it isn’t flooded. After that whatever we see that is interesting we will stop and look at it or eat it or buy it…We should be in Jacksonville on Tuesday and my daughter has some things planned for us when we get there. That is after I get my fill of little boy hugs!!! Can not wait to see my daughter and her little ones and of course her husband Clarence. We will go to Wilmington and the boys , big and little are going to visit the battleship that is there. My daughter and I will probably take a lunch cruise or something else that girls do…shop!!!

The only hindrance for the whole trip will be having to lug this walker around. I have had a couple weeks of therapy and things in the knee are improving but I still need the walker for longer distances. The surgery was a little over 3 weeks ago and like I said there is some improvement over the previous knee replacement. The leg around the knee area is still swollen and I have a bit of a rash, therapist says that it could be from the antibiotic that I have been on. It is annoying. Therapy has been really rough though. I really think he is trying to break the knee off the way he pushes and pulls and pushes on…seriously though it is still quite painful at night, very painful as a matter of fact.

The Brothers of Gwynedd: The Legend of the First True Prince of WalesI will try to do as much reading that I can while on vacation and I will have a review posted for the first book in The Brothers of Gwynedd to be posted on May 21st. for the Summer Reading Club sponsored by Sourcebooks. Chat 1 for the first book in the quartet by Edith Pargeter will be hosted by Amy on on Monday, May 24 from 7pm-9pm EST.
I am also currently reading for review,
Genoa Bay: A NovelThe Confessions of Catherine de Medici: A Novel
Genoa Bay by Bette Nordberg and The Confessions of Catherine de Medici by C.W.Gortner.
I hope that everyone has a great week I will have my computer with me but I do not know how often I will be online…you know, what with all the sightseeing and historical markers. My husband i a Civil War nut and we have to stop at EVERY single marker that is along the highway… I will be taking lots of pictures and posting them online…hopefully it will not rain alot…
Take care everyone!!!

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