Our vacation is going great!! We left our hometown on Sunday May 16th and stayed in Danville Illinois. Sunday night we stayed in Bloomington Kentucky and spent time the next day at The Corvette Museum
and also toured the Hermitage, Andrew Jacksons Home. We went through Nashville and saw the backside of the Grand Ole Oprey..that was all we could see from the freeway and not country enough to want to stop and visit. We arrived in Jacksonville N.C. safe and sound. Wednesday we went to New Bern and toured Trion palace and went to the National Cemetary where hubby’s Great, Great Grandfather is buried. He fought and died in the Civil War.
The site was really easy to find.Thursday we had a rest day and today we went to Wilmington where the “boys” went and toured the North Carolina Battleship and I am my daughter Jen went on a river lunch cruise on the Cape Fear River.
It has been very tiring for me the last few days what with all the walking but hanging in there. Tomorrow we are going to the Aquarium at Pine Knolls North Carolina. The weather has been great while we were here but we did have one of our traveling days rain and rain and more rain… I loved seeing the Smoky Mountains, hubby laughed at me because I had to take a picture of every hill and tree!! We will be leaving on Sunday early afternoon to head back but we will be going through the Virginias and Ohio and head up to Mackinac. We want to try to stay somewhere two nights and get home on the 27th.

One thought on “Vacation

  1. I wish I would have known you were coming through Nashville…I would have met you for lunch. I live less than 10 minutes from Opryland and about 15 from Andrew Jackson's Hermitage. How did you like The Hermitage? I've been twice and I adore it! If you can believe it, with all the historical houses in Tennessee (middle Tennessee specifically), I have only been to The Hermitage and Traveler's Rest! Pretty bad, huh? Well, you do have to have money to go to these places! Someday…Hope you're having a fun vacation and enjoying those grandkids!

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