The Kelly’s, hubby and myself are still on vacation but on the last leg of the journey. Tonight we are staying in Midland Michigan at the Best Western. This is the best one so far. our sliding door goes out into a courtyard that is more like a private garden than a courtyard. Tomorrow we should be in Macinac early in the day and maybe we will have time to play tourist there. It is always a fun place to go. When we were on our visit to Emerald Isle N.C. we really didn’t get to see the Atlantic very well because of all the residents on both sides of the road. Huge expensive homes built on stilts. Beautiful homes. I will have pictures later in the week. So back to Macinac, if you haven’t been there you should visit. It is the Straits of Macinac on Lakes Michigan and Huron…It is full of little quaint shops and restaurants… We love it there and it is the perfect end to a great vacation. I can’t believe how many states we were in. Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and finally Michigan and of course our own Wisconsin….wow…

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Picture above is Cobi and Dylan, my little grandsons on the steps of Tryon Palace…

and the picture below is my daughter Jen and her hubby Clarence, the boys parents..this picture was taken at the Beirut Memorial in Jacksonville N.C.  The picture underneath is hubby reading the plaque about part of one of the steel beams from The Twin Towers after 9/11.


2 thoughts on “Vacation!!

  1. I am cracking up right now! First you came through the city I live now (Nashville) and then you were in my hometown, Midland, Michigan! Yes, I grew up in Midland! How funny! Looks like you're having a great vacation. Hope you had a nice stay in Midland. =O)

  2. I didn't realize there were parts of the WTC buildings were being memorialized in different parts of the country. I think thats great! enjoy your trip and thanks for sharing …(more pictures please!)

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