Irish Book Recommendation

Guilt Ridden
Author: Ellen McCarthy
ISBN 13: 9781842233399

ISBN 10: 1842233394
Publisher: Poolbeg Press Ltd
Publication date: 09 December 2008
Publication City: CountryDublin/IE
Book Description from Poolberg Press
Amy Devine is a successful businesswoman with a beautiful house and a great life, which is thrown into disarray when a manuscript arrives on her desk one morning. The Devine family live with a fifteen-year-old mystery – Ruth Devine, Amy’s estranged cousin, was kidnapped without a trace when she was in college.

The writer lures Amy back to Waterford with information on the tragic childhood she spent there. Questions abound. What was the real story surrounding her parents death? What guilty secrets can lie at the heart of a country village?
 What happened to Ruth Devine?
Does the writer know and what has now been planned for Amy?
About the author:
Ellen McCarthy was born in West Waterford close to the Comeragh Mountains. She holds an honours degree in Literature and Sociology from Dublin City University. In 2007 Ellen won a short story competition, which was a joint venture between RTE’s Seoige and O’Shea and Poolbeg Press. Her winning story ‘Family Ties’ was published in the collection ‘Do The Write Thing’ in August 2007.

Ellen is the author of two novels. ‘Guarding Maggie’ was published in May 2008 and it was the launch book of Poolbeg Press’ Crimson imprint. ‘Guilt Ridden’ was published in January 2009.
Ellen is married and together with her husband, she has travelled extensively in South America, Central America and Europe. She lives in Waterford City. Ellen is currently working on her third book.


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