Winter Is Here!!

We received our first snowfall on Friday night but by Sunday am it was all melted. It started to snow again yesterday and the picture above is still what I look at as I type this. Our vintage Corvette is being put away for the winter as I type. So now that our Sunday drives are over for this year hubby and I will have to find other things to do on those days.

I received a letter on Saturday from the local Health Department letting me know that on my visit last week to my ortho doctor, I was exposed to Pertussis (whooping cough) so I am now on antibiotics just in case, although I am symptomatic, but hopefully I do not have it. Hubby was exposed to and neither one of us needs to get sick. I have been lucky though because I have not had even a cold since I became disabled. On my job I was exposed to many many things one of which was MRSA, nasty stuff. So I will stay in the house for this week I think because we will be going to my youngest daughter’s for Thanksgiving.

My oldest daughter Jen and the youngest daughter Katie, will get to see at Christmas!!!
Not too excited am I??

My daughter Kara on the right and her partner Emily will be home for Christmas yay!!!

My son, who lives in Miami, just did a marathon yesterday. Biking and running.
Came in first in his age group!! Way to go Erik!

Speaking of the holidays that will soon be banging on our doors, I do have to say that I am done with Christmas shopping and I never left the house, I love If you can not find it there it does not exist. I will have a full house this year, makes up for last year when it was just hubby and I on Christmas Eve. All of my children, except my son, will be home with their significant others. My oldest daughter and her family are driving from North Carolina and I am excited to see them. The boys are growing up so fast it is hard to believe. My daughter Kara and her partner Emily will fly in from Fort Lauderdale and it will be nice to see them. My sisters will be here also with little ones, so our little house will be pretty full. Sleeping arrangements will be interesting to say the least but that is ok too, kids never mind sleeping on the floor. Grandma won’t be able to do that though, sleeping on the floor that is.

My precious boys, I do miss them…

Have a great week everyone!!!


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