Give the Gift of Magazines ~~BBC Knowledge Magazine

For the history lover or anyone else, BBC Knowledge magazine will make a great Christmas gift. I can attest to that because we have a subscription of this great magazine. It is filled with articles of anything that relates to history, science and a variety of other things. So this Christmas, give the gift of reading with a gift subscription of this great magazine..

“BBC Knowledge is a virtual ‘potpourri’ of the world which is Science, Nature, and History …invention, innovation, and more …brought together for the inquiring mind into a visually stunning publication. The magazine for the curious mind, BBC Knowledge will inform you. Engage you. Enchant you. And—yes—entertain you. BBC Knowledge will stimulate your mind like no other magazine around. When did time begin? Where does space end…or does it? Could cloning your own cells cure Parkinsons? What is science learning about longevity?

BBC Knowledge is about knowing. Progress. About space. Our planet. Our ancestors. Ourselves. Best of all BBC Knowledge comes to you from a news source you can trust. The world-renowned BBC. With correspondents and news bureaus everywhere. And scientific connections all over the world.”

Example of what is in the upcoming issue:

65 years on – was it right to drop the bomb?
Dangerous Liaisons
Violence and tenderness combine in the everyday life of an elephant seal harem
Natural Born Killers
The Inherent dangers of introducing species from foreign ecosystems
Say what?
How to build your own language: Hollywood gives some words to the wise
Plus: Q+A:
 Is there a limit to the height of a skyscraper? Do animals get hiccups? And who owns the moon?

“Designed for a general audience interested in science, history, and nature, BBC Knowledge is like a curio cabinet packed with attention-grabbing detail. It’s a visually busy blend of photo essays, feature articles, short news items, and media reviews accompanied by illustrations, time lines, and sidebars. Consistently readable stories make this a delight for curious browsers.” – Library Journal”

To subscribe or to learn more about BBC magazines go to:


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