Going Home!!

Jungle Queen

Well, a week in Florida has turned into almost 2 weeks because of the blizzard of 2011. My visit has been awesome. I went to Florida to see my son race in his first full marathon,the Annual ING Miami Marathon

We went to a place in Hollywood called Le Tub. Supposed to be the best “burger in America”. We had a table by the water so I could watch the sunset and the yachts going by. We ordered 2 of the cheeseburgers to share for three of us. It was good, not sure if it is the best in America. Eating there was an experience though. I ate at a place in an open air mall and I had my first taste of Cuban food. Pretty tasty.

On this same day Kara, Emily and I went on the Jungle Queen Dinner Cruise. This cruise was 4 hours long and it took an hour to get to the ‘tropical’ island where we  had dinner. We had BBQ pork ribs, chicken and shrimp and all the fixings.. It was pretty good. The tour went on the New River in Fort Lauderdale which is also called Millionaires Row.

Home on Millionaires Row and a ‘small’ yacht

Millionaires Row

Yea, home and decorations on Millionaires Row Fort Lauderdale

Bahia Mar Marine Fort Lauderdale

Millionaires Row Home

Millionaires Row Home

New River

That was a very interesting cruise, got to see how the other half lives… but then again there were a lot of for sale signs on at least a third of the homes and we went past a marina that had lots of huge yachts and the pilot said that Eric Clapton and Johnny Depp, among others had their yachts there. On the other side of the causeway called National Liquidators where there were all sizes of boats and yachts that were repossessed. Times are tough…
Kara and her partner Emily live in a gated community and it is very nice..

Similar to what Kara lives in

I was relaxing at this pool on Super Bowl Sunday!!
This is what my sons loft apartment looks like in Coconut Grove, FL. Actually kind of small but room enough for him and his two dogs…

I am so happy that the blizzard happened when it did because it gave me extra time to spend with my children and their significant others. I also got to meet my sons girlfriend Osairis. Gorgeous girl…


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