My Weekend Read, Just For Fun…


A powerful and supernatural tale of love, lives and obsession set against the dramatic scenery of the Welsh Mountains.
Celtic Maidens tells the story of Siân Derwyn whose life holds few pleasures except for her friends, her interest in local folklore and the standing stones until the day that Ryan Ackley arrives in her remote Welsh village.
Siân and Ryan are reincarnations of Celtic lovers who were slaughtered long ago. They are unaware that obsessive love, power struggles and murder have followed them down through the ages. Thwarted in ancient times, a murderous spirit has followed them through time and now, with them all reunited in the 21st century, he plans to fulfil his malevolent vendetta…
Celtic Maidens is Ceri’s first full length novel. She is currently working on her second.

Author Bio:
“This is my official biography.  I hate writing about myself, I’d much rather be writing fiction!
From a young age Ceri Norman’s love of mythology and history has inspired her. After gaining a degree studying History and English, Ceri worked in libraries and museums sharing this love with the people she met. Seeing the pleasure that books and history gave, Ceri started writing fiction that people of all ages could enjoy and relate to.  As a deeply spiritual person she prefers her writing to have a spiritual and mystical flavour.
Ceri is most definitely a Scorpio, she was born on Halloween which probably explains a lot. Her name is pronounced “Kerry” but she won’t bite if you mispronounce it, honest.”
© Ceri Norman 2009-11

Visit Ceri Norman, author”s website here for more about this book and author


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