Irish History Today~~April 25th, 2011, Biddy Early

“Biddy Early~~~ (1799-1874), from Feakle, Co.CLare was a “Wise Woman” who cured illness in people and animals, using a “magic” bottle. It is believed that all four of her husbands died of excessive drinking of the presents of spirits brought to her by patients. There are many pubs named for her in Ireland.
The last generation of people who had personal contact with Biddy ended in the 1950s. The stories that persist today originated in the strong oral tradition on the west coast of Ireland. Later, Lady Gregory compiled a valuable collection of stories 20 years after Biddy’s death, and Meda Ryan and Edmund Lenihan wrote books that they based on interviews with many people whose parents or grandparents had personal contact with Biddy.
Biddy Early Cottage
Biddy accomplished a great deal of success in the face of oppression and hardship, during a time when her religion and heritage were the subject of discrimination by the rulers of Ireland. The best evidence of her success is the fact that she is the only individual Irish healer from previous centuries who is remembered today despite Ireland’s long history of folk medicine. The cottage where she lived has been restored and is now a minor tourist attraction in the area.”
You can read more about Biddy Early here at Magic & Mythology
Sources: Wiki and Bing
 Biddy Early: The Wise Woman of Clare by Meda Ryan..
  • Paperback: 111 pages
  • Publisher: Mercier Press (December 31, 1991)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1856353168
  • ISBN-13: 978-1856353168

Biddy Early: The Wise Woman of ClareBook Description from Amazon

Arguments still persist as to whether Biddy was a witch or a person of God, because she possessed powers and natural gifts beyond the comprehension of those who knew her personally. To this day, the very mention of her name in any part of Ireland, especially County Clare, releases an astonishing flood of stories, cures, prophecies, warnings and broken spells.



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