Book Recommendation for May 24th, 2011

Taken by Niamh O’Connor


It’s a cold wet winter night when a car pulls into a service station on Dublin quays.

Strapped on to the back-seat is a three-year-old boy. Asleep.

Five minutes later he’s gone – kidnapped in the time it’s taken his mother to pay for her petrol.

Distraught and fearing for his safety, she has only one option.

DI Jo Birmingham.

One of the few female senior officers on the Dublin police force, Jo has a keen reputation for solving crimes and righting wrongs.

Her search for the little boy takes her into a dark world of lies and corruption, where hard cash is king, where sex is a commodity to be bought and sold – and where the lost and vulnerable are in terrifying danger …

About the author:
Niamh O’Connor is one of Ireland’s best known crime authors. She is a crime reporter with the Sunday World, Ireland’s biggest selling Sunday newspaper, for whom she has written five true crime books which were given away with the newspaper. Her job, in which she interviews both high profile criminals and their victims means she knows the world she is writing about.


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