Irish Culture

Irish Culture: Lifestyle
The people of Ireland are known to be very hospitable and friendly in nature. Having a family life is considered of great importance in Ireland. The traditional ways of the Irish culture can be seen in the rural areas of Ireland. Here, a lot of traditional customs are followed which is quite a contrast to the modern life that is led in the urbane areas of Ireland. Ireland also has a large number of people who own their own palatial residencies.

The modern Irish culture follows a more open method of communication between the Irish people. The Irish believe in displaying their affection rather than curbing the same.

English still remains to be the most spoken language today. The native dialect can be found in some of the rural areas of Ireland. The Irish language was introduced by the Celts and many senior citizens can be found speaking in the traditional Irish language.

The homes in Ireland still follow the same rule and are built in a similar fashion, as was the pattern of the olden days. Bright and cheerful colors can be seen splashed on the walls of most homes with colorful doors. Homes of Ireland are generally terrace houses with the central heating system having replaced the traditional fireplace.



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