The Legends Beginnings by Robert E. Connolly

Over three thousand years ago, the legendary Celtic champion Cúchulainn was killed by order of the evil Queen Meadhbh. His wife, who had just given birth to twin boys, died of grief and a broken heart.
To protect the orphaned twins from the wrath of the queen, one child, Ferdia, was sent to live with his grandfather in Tir na nOg, the land of eternal youth. Fergus, the second boy could not make the journey, and so the twins were separated. Ultimately the two boys grow up in the same land…but in very different times.
This is the story of Ferdia as he begins life in 21st century Ireland. Adopted by Cathal and Eibhlín Ó Suileabháin who raise the child as their own, Ferdia, now called Brian, knows nothing of his true origins. But the blood of Cúchulainn runs strong through his veins, and Brian, gifted with his father’s incredible strength and physical prowess, develops a natural talent for modern sport, particularly hurling and soccer! Follow the adventures of a modern Celtic “champion” as he becomes a legend in the Irish sporting world.

About the Author

Robert Connolly is the author of several books on Irish history and politics including If Walls Could Talk: Great Irish Castles Tell Their Stories. Robert is a solicitor practicing in Dublin and once served as head soccer coach at Notre Dame in the United States. He lives with his wife, Pamela, and their dogs, Killykeen Fionn and Mattie, in the village of Raheny north of Dublin.

Credit: Original Writing ie.


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