Castles of Ireland

Narrow Water Castle

Newry & Mourne
Built by John Sancky around 1560, Narrow Water Castle is an excellent example of a tower-house. Its name – Narrow Water – indicates that it was strategically sited to protect Newry’s access to Carlingford Lough and the sea. The Victorian mansion located on the other side of the road is also referred to as Narrow Water Castle.
The site comprises a three-storey tower-house and bawn (a defensive wall).
Each of the three-floors consists of a single room; there is a stone vault above the first floor. Towerhouses, such as this, were built in Ireland between the 15th and early 17th centuries, and were popular with both English lords and Irish chieftains.
In 1580, the castle was held by Hugh Magennis, and by 1608 it was in the hands of Sir Arthur Macgennis. The castle remained in use until the 18th century.
Legend has it that Lassara, a young maiden, being kept prisoner in the tower-house, heard her lover calling and threw herself from the battlements to her death on the rocks below.

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