Irish Book Art

W. B. Yeats and the Irish TheatreBy Edmund Dulac

Type of object: Book Arts
Material: paint, watercolor, ink
Period: Celtic Revival
Country: Ireland
Date: 1915
Collection: Dublin, National Gallery of Ireland

The Irish Celtic Revival movement encouraged the creation of works written in the spirit of Irish culture, as distinct from English culture. This was, in part, due to the political need for an individual Irish identity. This difference was kept alive by invoking Ireland’s historic past, its myths, legends and folklore.There was an attempt to re-vitalize the native rhythm and music of Irish Gaelic. Figures such as Lady Gregory, WB Yeats, George Russell, J.M. Synge and Sean O’Casey wrote many plays and articles about the political state of Ireland at the time. Gaelic revival and Irish nationalism frequently overlapped in Gaelic Revival hangouts such as An Stad, a tobacconist on North Frederick Street owned by the writer Cathal McGarvey and frequented by literary figures such as James Joyce and Yeats, along with leaders of the Nationalist movement such as Douglas Hyde, Arthur Griffith and Michael Collins.These were connected with another great symbol of the literary revival, The Abbey Theatre, which served as the stage for many new Irish writers and playwrights of the time.

Source: Wiki, Celtic Art and Cultures


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