One of My Favorite Places in Ireland

GLENDALOUGH, COUNTY WICKLOW. -Glendalough-Gaelic, Glen-da-loch a-the glen of the Two Loughs, one of the most romantic of Irish valley, is famous for its historic memories, for its “grand,gloomy, and peculiar” scenery, and for the monastic ruins of St. Kevin-which are still the delight of the tourist. The legends that surround their history make the fragmentary remains interesting to a high degree. The ruins comprise a round tower, a diminutive cathedral, some finely sculptured doorways and arches, and a church-one of the seven originally erected-called popularly, but erroneously, “St. Kevin’s Kitchen.” The poet Moore makes use of the rather irreverent legend of “St. Kevin and Kathleen” in his Irish melodies, and “St. Kevin’s Bed” is still pointed out in a cliff on the larger lake, into which, according to the legend and the lyric, the persecuted saint finally dumped the persistent maiden. From that day to this Glendalough has been “That lake, whose gloomy shore skylark never warbles o’er.” In 1580 Glendalough was the scene of a murderous battle between Lord Deputy Grey and Fiach MacHugh O’Byrne, in which the English were defeated and almost annihilated. In that fight Full many a father’s murder and many a sister’s wrong were well avenged, dark Glendalough, thy echoing vale along.


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