The Crowning of Puck

The Puck Fair, Killorglin, Kerry.
Killorglin is located in the heart of Kerry and hosts Ireland’s most unusual and oldest festival. The crowning of a wild male Goat as King of Killorglin for three days in October. The crowning of the Goat is part of pagan fertility tradition, that marked the end of the harvest, and was probably a major religious feast in pre-Christian Ireland. The fair itself is was first mentioned 500 years ago, and was considered ancient even then and is still going strong. It occurs from October 10-12th every year. There is still a strong commercial element to the fair, with horse, cattle, donkeys and other farm animals being sold on the streets. The pubs and bars of Killorglin pack up at night time, and it is noted for being a very lively festival. Over the years, as it has become more of a tourist draw rather than just a mart, the organizers have added in workshops in story telling, Irish music and there are many day events exposing and show casing Irish culture. Puck fair, there is nothing like it.

Puck fair history

Although there is no written evidence of when Puck Fair started, there are several legends about the fair.
It is thought that the fair started in pre-Christian times as a celebration for a good harvest. The goat may also represent the pagan god, Pan. It is also likely that it is a representation of the Celtic god Lugh and a celebration of Lughnasa.
James VI of Scotland, I of England and Ireland granted legal status to the fair in 1603.
The other theory is when a clan called the roundheads occupied killorglin a goat ran down from the mountains and ‘warned’ the roundhead tribe that their enemies were approaching. This allowed the roundheads to prepare and eventually defeat their enemies. This explains why the goat is crowned.

Source: Wiki, Holidays Around Ireland


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