The stately residence of the Earl of Kenmare is situated between the town of Killarney and the Lower Lake, and is surrounded by spacious and magnificently kept grounds. This palatial mansion is approached by a broad double flight of steps composed of kerry marble, and flanked by massive balustrades of the same material. While the exterior of Killarney House is sufficiently imposing, it is lacking in the charm of antiquity. It was completed during the middle part of this century, and is modern in almost every feature. The Kenmare family reside here during a great portion of each year, for the reason that they might travel the world around without finding aught in nature to compare in loveliness with the surroundings of their princely home. Killarney House has sheltered almose every distinguished guest that has visited Ireland during the last fifty years. Among those who experienced its hospitality were the Queen of England, the late Emperor Frederick of Germany, the Prince of Wales, the Orleans princess, the Empress of Austria, William Ewart Gladstone, Lord Randolph Churchill and the Duke and Duchess of York. Lord Kenmare is, by nature, hospitable, and his grounds are open to the public, on application, at all reasonable times.


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