Anne of Cleves House, East Sussex, England

Anne of Cleves was granted this 15th-century house bearing her name in Lewes when her marriage to Henry VIII was annulled in 1541. She never lived there but collected the rent until her death. Anne of Cleves House was altered over the centuries but still displays original timbers and local materials.

Anne of Cleves House is a 15th century timber-framed Wealden hall house on Southover High Street in Lewes, East Sussex, England. It formed part of Queen Anne’s annulment settlement from King Henry VIII in 1541, although she never visited the property. It was restored by the architect Walter Godfrey.
Owned and operated as a museum by the Sussex Archaeological Society under the operating name ‘Sussex Past’, it is home to wide-ranging collections of furniture and artefacts of Sussex interest in addition to an important collection of iron fire backs. The bedroom and kitchen are furnished to resemble their appearance at the time of Cleves’s ownership. The house is open to the public and plays host to functions throughout the year, including parties, weddings and small informal concerts.

Source: BBC History 


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