Inniskeen Round Tower, Ireland

Inniskeen (from the Irish Inis Caoin meaning ‘pleasant island’) is situated in the heart of ‘Kavanagh Country’. St. Daig Mac Carell, who studied under St. Ciarán at Clonmacnoise, founded a monastery here in the 6th century. St. Colmcille is said to have blessed the monastery at the inauguration. The site was burned in 789 ad, plundered in 948 ad and burned again in 1166 ad. The round tower was built in the 10th century, perhaps as a result of the attacks. It stands at 12.6m and its door is 4m above the ground. The site is close to the River Fane and it is thought that the monks of the monastery had a mill there.
Inniskeen Motte is located nearby and comprises a large circular flat-topped motte, now covered in trees, with traces of a bailey. It once belonged to a series of fortifications built to halt the advance of the Normans into Ulster in the 13th century

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