November Issue of History Today Magazine

History Today

By Paul Lay | Posted 13th October 2011, 12:15

“The November edition of History Today reveals the obscene and hitherto unseen satires aimed at Madame de Pompadour, favourite mistress of Louis XV of France. But who was the author and why did they take such risks to take aim at their powerful target? Colin Jones and Emily Richardson have the surprising answers.
Elsewhere, Taylor Downing looks at Medmenham, the ‘Other Bletchley’, the Thames-side home of the RAF’s aerial photo interpreters who helped to guide the Dam Buster’s raid and provided 80 per cent of all British intelligence during the Second World War.
In addition, Tim Grady examines the problems Germany has had remembering the many Jewish soldiers who fought for the Kaiser during the First World War; Paul Doolan tells the remarkable story of Richard Wagner’s decade of political exile in Zurich, which saw him fall in love – yet again – inspiring some of the greatest music in the western canon; Michael Bentley reappraises the great opponent of Whiggish history, Herbert Butterfield; and Carol Dyhouse traces the rise and fall of the fur coat.”
On Stands October 20th, 2011




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