Tynan Cross Armagh, Ireland

Tynan Cross stands by the roadside, opposite the churchyard wall in the pretty village of Tynan. It dates to the 8th or 9th century and is highly ornamented. Like many crosses of its kind in Ulster, it consists of a number of fragments of different crosses mounted on top of one another. According to tradition Cromwell’s soldiers vandalised the earlier crosses.
Just a few miles away the Palace Stables Heritage Centre is situated in the grounds of Palace Demesne next to the stunning Primate’s Palace, the home of the Archbishops of the Church of Ireland from 1770 until the 1970s. The centre is a restored Georgian stable block and presents life in the year 1786. Living History costumed interpreters recreate both the grandeur and the squalor of life in the Georgian Period. Guided tours take in some of the estate’s most historic buildings such as: the Georgian Kitchen & Walled Garden; the Primate’s Chapel; the Ice House; the Servant’s Tunnel and the Archbishop’s Palace. There are also several signed walks to choose from within 90-acres of the original Demesne.

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