A Spanish Hapsburg Trilogy by Linda Carlino

The books of the trilogy are connected (mother, son, grandson) but each one is a stand-alone read.
That Other Juana (Queen Juana I of Spain) Juana la Loca
Juana founded the Hapsburg dynasties of Spain and Austria but her life was ruined by three men: her husband a blatant womaniser and political schemer; her father who betrayed and isolated her; and her son who imprisoned her for a further thirty years.
Her spirited resistance to this lifetime of barbaric persecution earned her, unfairly, the infamous nickname Juana la Loca, Joan the Mad.
A Matter of Pride (Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor)
In 1557 a prematurely aged, ill, and very irritable Charles V retires to a secluded monastery in western Spain. He brings memories of past loves, years in power, and military campaigns – mostly failures. His major domo freely speaks his mind, other characters tell tragicomic anecdotes and an all-knowing narrator makes sarcastic and funny observations. It all makes for a wonderful story – sometimes tearful, sometimes hilarious.
Wives & Other Women (Philip II of Spain)
At a time when kings were expected to produce male heirs Philip embarked on several dynastic marriages but was always disappointed and frustrated.
The story focuses on these loveless marriages — and his compulsive pursuit of other women. With a background of family turmoil and a court plagued by intrigue and treachery, the result is a fascinating and very lively story.
Biography. Linda was born in a small mining village at the southern edge of the Durham coalfield in the Northeast of England. Linda had a lifelong passion for history and historical fiction but writing as a second career was never planned or sought. But a five week independent tour of Spain in 1988 was a life-changing event. Its history, particularly the historical connections with England, caught her attention. She was hooked. She wanted to know more, much more. She studied Spanish and then started reading Spanish sources. Many exciting days followed in the Biblioteca Nacional in Madrid, other public and private libraries in Spain, and the British Library in London.

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