Irish American Pub Quiz by Liam McAtasney

Book Description

April 2001

In The Irish-American Pub Quiz, Irish quizmaster Liam McAtasney boggles the mind with an array of questions on everything and everybody Irish, from legends to limericks, from Daniel Patrick Moynihan to Daniel Day-Lewis.Within the past few years, Americans’ infatuation with Irish history and culture has grown, as witnessed by the popularity of Frank McCourt’s best-selling Angela’s Ashes, Michael Flatley’s Riverdance, and the sensational rock group U2. Now a new Irish tradition, pub quiz nights, is sweeping the nation coast-to-coast. The growing popularity of these quiz nights in Irish pubs across the country, a practice imported from across the Atlantic, ensures a dedicated market for this new Irish trivia collection. The Irish-American Pub Quiz spans the intricacies of Irish folklore, literature, movies, music, and politics to offer a unique challenge for private pondering, an evening with friends, or a family outing. McAtasney’s collection of Irish trivia reveals the strength of character and sense of fun that we associate with the Irish.
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