The Titanic


White Star Line was determined that no expense would be spared in the construction of Titanic. It took 3 years for Titanic to be completed at a cost equivalent to 7.5 million dollars. More than 3000 men were employed in the building of the ship. The Titanic at the time was the largest ship ever built with a length of 883 feet and a maximum height of 175 feet. Titanic had a tonnage of 46,328 and was capable of a maximum speed of 23 knots. The Maximum Capacity of the Ship was 3547 passengers and crew.
White Star Line appointed their most experienced Captain to take charge of the maiden voyage. Captain Edward J Smith had previously command of the Olympic but had left that ship at Southampton to take command of Titanic on her maiden voyage. He had an engaging manner and pleasing personality and had the reputation of being an ideal captain. Captain Smith was once famously quoted as saying:
“I cannot imagine any condition which would caused a modern ship to founder …… Shipbuilding has gone beyond that….”

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