The Titanic

The Titanic passenger list ranged from the richest people in the world to the poorest, setting out to make a new life in America. One of these elite passengers was John Jacob Astor, an American millionaire businessman – In this original film from Titanic Stories we follow his journey on the Titanic. 
What is amazing about Titanic is the array of passengers who travelled on her. She was a floating town, carrying passenger representatives from each strictly divided class along with valets, maids, nannies, kitchen staff, stewards, engine crew and officers. 

It is hard for us to imagine these rigid barriers between the classes which existed in late Edwardian times and the early reign of George V and Queen Mary.  Society has changed and blended so much within the past hundred years. Two world wars, the Great Depression and a more humanitarian attitude to life have wiped out the belief that people stayed within the limits of the life into which they were born. The standard of travel today is based on the ability to pay rather than the socio-economic background which affected the Titanic passengers.

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