A State of Emergency by Mary Kenny

It is the summer of 1940 and Europe is falling before the onward march of the Third Reich. Dublin is as yet untouched by the war, and parties, race-meetings and dances continue apace. Julia and Pamela continue to enjoy good times, until a personal problem arises to spoil their fun.
Mary Kenny’s all-women play revises a personal dilemma in neutral Ireland, seen in retrospect, and drawing on family memory and social research. And almost forty years after Mary Kenny pioneered the famous “condom train” between Belfast and Dublin, a rather more complex picture of birth control emerges in this partly autobiographical tale…..
About the Author
Mary Kenny is an author, journalist and public speaker with wide media experience in Britain and Ireland. She is a columnist with the Irish Independent and the author of Germany Calling – A personal biography of William Joyce, Lord Haw-Haw and Crown and Shamrock: Love and Hate between Ireland and the British Monarchy. She was born in Dublin and tries to live there as much as she can.

Source: Amazon.com and http://originalwriting.ie


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