Books in the Simon and Elizabeth Mysteries by Peg Herring

When headless corpses begin appearing on the streets of London, Elizabeth Tudor is as shocked as everyone else. When one of her own ladies is murdered, Elizabeth joins with new friend Simon Maldon to find the killer. Henry VIII, also shocked by the murders assigns one of his Welsh guardsmen, Hugh, to investigate, since the women are dressed as nuns and might signal new religious troubles.

Suspects include a madman, a courtier, a reformer, a well-known criminal, and others, even Elizabeth’s castellan. Simon, discovering that he is good at the art of disguise, plays various parts as he works at narrowing the list. 

Elizabeth’s part in the investigation is kept secret from the king, who would certainly not approve. But it cannot be kept secret from the killer, and in the end, he turns his attention to them. Simon, Elizabeth, and Hugh face a murderer who is beyond caring how many die, as long as he gets what he wants.

Is someone planning to poison a Tudor? The second book of the Simon & Elizabeth Mysteries will pull you into the dangerous world of the Tudors, where nothing is simple and everything is dangerous. 

As England’s young king struggles with illness, one of his advisors is poisoned. Elizabeth Tudor, fearing her brother was the target, asks her old friend Simon Maldon to investigate the crime. 

Aided by his fiancea Le, Hannah, Simon, now an apothecary’s apprentice, braves the corridors of power to protect the king. In the days after the first murder, a knight, a baron, and a serving girl also die in mysterious circumstances, but it is unclear how their deaths benefit any of the possible suspects. 

In order to find out, Simon employs various (sometimes embarrassing) disguises, and Hannah uses her position as Elizabeth s newest chambermaid. As the crimes multiply, the danger they face grows. In the end, Elizabeth herself is accused of the murders. To save the princess he admires, Simon faces a fight for his life against a wickedly clever adversary who will not be caught. 

This fast-paced historical will delight mystery lovers, Tudor admirers, and all who love a whodunit with (to quote one critic) panache.

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