Scottish Witchcraft & Magick The Craft of the Picts Book Recommendation

From the ancient misty Highlands of Scotland to modern-day America come the secrets of
solitary Witchcraft practice. The author of Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft introduces
“PectiWita,” or the craft of the Picts. Learn the history of these mysterious early Keltic people,
their origins, beliefs, and celebrations. This book also explores the magic, sacred tools, herbal
lore, song and dance, and recipes of the Scottish PectiWita tradition. 

About the Author

Raymond Buckland has been actively involved in metaphysics and the occult for fifty years and has writing about it for nearly thirty.

He is the author of more than sixty books, including such best-selling titles as Buckland’s Complete Book of WitchcraftGypsy Dream DictionaryPractical Candleburning Rituals, and Witchcraft from the Inside. Ray has lectured and presented workshops across the United States, and has appeared on major television and radio shows nationally and internationally. He has also written screen plays, been a technical advisor for films, and appeared in films and videos.

Ray comes from an English Romany (Gypsy) family and presently resides, with his wife Tara, on a small farm in central Ohio. Beyond writing, Ray’s other passion is homebuilt airplanes.

  • Paperback: 256 pages
  • Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (November 8, 2005)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 073870850X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0738708508



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